Enhanced Cleaning and Safety Procedures

Take good care of yourself and always remember to have a BLAST as you PLAY IT SAFE:


  • If you are feeling sick or have a fever, we ask that you not endanger other guests and employees by coming to playing paintball 
  • Wash / disinfect your hands often, especially before touching your face or eating.
  • Cough or sneeze inside your elbow area.
  • If closer than 6 feet, please wear a mask that you brought from home. 

(For additional information about COVID – 19, information on how to help make the best choices to keep yourself safe, as well as simply staying updated on the latest report from the Centers for Disease Control, please log onto www.cdc.gov, or contact your local health department.)

Enhanced Procedures

Social Distancing

We are keeping you safe by asking guests to respect social distancing guidelines during the check-in procedure, equipment check counter, seating areas, air stations and snack trailer.

Enhanced Cleaning

Check-in tables, chairs, clipboards and counters will be wiped down often throughout the day with antibacterial cleaner/wipes/spray.

Single Use Items

Ink pens used to fill out waivers will be placed in a “Used tub”.  One pen per customer.  

(Note: All pens will be cleaned with a bleach water solution or rubbing alcohol prior to being reused.)

Online Waivers

For your convenience and safety, our waivers can be printed out here.

(Note: Every player and spectator will be required to have a completed waiver.  Parents or legal guardians will be required to fill out the waiver of minors under 18 years of age.)

Personal Protection Equipment

Employees will be wearing gloves for your protection and face masks/face coverings when interacting with guests who are closer than 6 feet while outside of the playing fields.

Rental Equipment

Triple Washed Masks

Employees will be wearing gloves as they triple wash all masks with an antibacterial soap.  Each mask wash is followed by a clean water rinse and then the mask is sanitizer prior to being placed in front of a fan to dry.

One Use Per Week

Masks will only be used one time, by one guest each week. Masks will not be reused until the following week.

Markers, Hoppers and Barrel Caps

All markers (guns), hoppers and barrel caps will be wiped down with an antibacterial / disinfecting solution between each use.

Want To Own Your Mask?

For an additional safety option, guests can purchase their own mask that they can take home for the low starting price of $17.95.

Antibacterial Soap

Frequent Cleaning

We have added increased cleaning/disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces.

Available To Guests

Antibacterial soap is located in the main building areas and indoor restrooms.

Employee Procedures

Our employees are instructed to wash and disinfect their hands frequently.

Hand Sanitizer

Available Throughout The Park

We have placed multiple alcohol-based hand sanitizers throughout all areas of our park, such as our check in area, restrooms, main building guest and employee common spaces, rental equipment area, seating areas and at the snack trailer.  (Children may only use hand sanitizer when supervised by an adult.)


Hand sanitizer dispensers are also located in all porta potties.

Additional Safety Procedures for Employees

Before Their Shift

Employees who are feeling sick, have a fever, or have been in contact with someone who is sick are instructed to stay home.

During Their Shift

Employees who develop a fever or begin to feel sick during their work shift are immediately released from their shift so that they can consult their medical provider

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