On behalf of our Mansfield Paintball Adventure Park owners and managers, we would like for you to know that your safety and paintball playing enjoyment is our top priority!

You may ask, “What is our park doing to enable guests to continue to play paintball as safely as possible?” 

With safety being our number one priority in response to the current coronavirus threat, know that we are first and foremost continuously monitoring and following guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) in an attempt to provide our guests and employees with the safest fun and exciting paintball experience possible during these uncertain times.

We are also happy to inform our guests that in the midst of the current Coronavirus situation, paintball adventures still continue to provide guests with an opportunity to run off enormous amounts of built up energy, as well as release a great deal of mental stress, as they enjoy paintball games and adventures that are mostly carried out entirely in the safety of the great outdoors, with fresh air, away from crowded indoor situations. With this in mind, know that our park is also adding an extra layer of protection by requesting that guests respect social distancing while outside of the playing fields.

In addition to the current rental equipment cleaning and disinfecting procedures that our park has been following for the last 8 years that we have been in business, we are also adding multiple enhanced cleaning, disinfecting and safety precautions.  Rental masks will be triple washed in an antibacterial soap, rinsed and disinfected after each wash.  Masks will only be used one time, by one customer, and not reused until the following week.  Markers (guns) will be cleaned off with a disinfecting solution prior to being reused, and frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned with a disinfect multiple times throughout the day.

It is our hope that these extra cleaning and disinfecting safety measures, along with social distancing and mask use if closer than 6 feet outside of the playing fields, will enable everyone to continue to enjoy the THRILL of playing PAINTBALL in the GREAT OUTDOORS where FRESH AIR and MINIMAL CONTACT BETWEEN PLAYERS continues to provide an adventures that is much safer than many indoor group activities.

(For additional information about COVID – 19, information on how to help make the BEST CHOICES to KEEP YOURSELF SAFE, as well as staying updated on the latest report from the Centers for Disease Control, please log onto, or contact your local health department.)

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