God’s Timing Is Always Right!

Sharing A Little History with Our Guests

Eight years ago, the owners purchased the park property with a dream to build an eternal legacy for our Lord; a fun and exciting summer Christian Camp that would help children and their families embrace the joy of philanthropy as they learned about God’s word and our Father’s second greatest commandment, “Love One Another As I Have Loved You…” — John 13, 34

Soon after purchasing the property, the owners along with a special and much-loved youth group, eagerly began planning and building the 1st of 7 different fun and exciting outdoor Team Building Kingdoms, now known as Mansfield Paintball Adventure Park. 

As this Sporting Kingdom was being built, they also began developing the plans for what would be their gift to our Lord, a Philanthropy Kingdom Building that would enable campers to create community outreach projects to help those in need within our community and the surrounding areas. 

Due to reasons beyond their control, their dream to build a Christian summer camp and eternal legacy for our Father in heaven, was put on a temporary hold.  As they were waiting for God’s time to arrive so that they could restart their dream, they decided that the Sporting Kingdom that was in its final phases of development would be opened as a Christian facility. 

With the help of their much loved and appreciated employees, their paintball park successfully opened in 2013 as a Christian paintball facility.  It was to serve as a place where families, children, sporting teams, schools, church youth groups and even experienced paintball players could enjoy a fun filled day in the great outdoors playing paintball, as they built new friendships and were always free to speak God’s name and share His word. 

After more than 7 years of heart felt prayers, in addition to experiencing some health scares as they entered their senior years, the owners became uncertain that they would ever see their dream of building a legacy for our Lord and His children come to pass during their lifetime. However, they knew one thing for certain, nothing is impossible with God; For God’s perfect timing is not always the same as our timing.  

With this thought in mind, they continued to keep Mansfield Paintball Adventure Park open for their much-loved guests and staff, all the while praying that their dream of creating a place that would become an eternal legacy for God was still going to happen.

Now that they are in their Golden Years, they feel very blessed and honored to be able to still give back to the Lord His land, for they truly feel that it is important to remember that life is not about us,— if fact, it is all about our Father in heaven.

The vision that Rush Creek Church has for the future of this property, enables the owner’s dream to come true, and for this they will always be grateful; for God’s timing is ALWAYS PERFECT if we stay focused. 

As we close the gates to our Mansfield Paintball Adventure Park on the evening of December 12th, 2020, we would like to express a very heart felt “THANK YOU” to all of our loyal guests, our dedicated and much loved staff and the wonderful Mansfield community who has embraced our Christian Paintball Park.  It is our prayer that all who enter through these gates for generations to come, will be blessed with the greatest gift we could ever give to one another, God’s love.

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