Our Fields




Our newest addition. A regulation sized speedball field complete with reconfigurable inflatable bunkers, dedicated fill station, and shaded viewing area. 

Airbase Attack
Protect your squadron of planes and guard your fuel dump from enemy forces.

Ghost Town

“Feuding Horse Thieves” and “T.N.T” are just a few of scenarios you will experience in our Texas Town complete with a covered wagon, feed troughs and even a wishing well.

Tower Defense
Hone your sniper skills as you take your position in the tower to protect your teammates from encroaching enemy forces.

Fort Vern
Control the towers and you control the fort in this fast paced game of conquer and control.

Sawmill's Revenge
Test your sense of direction, teamwork, and agility in Sawmill’s Revenge.
Lone Star
The CEO of Texas Crude has been kidnapped while under your protection. You have 15 minutes in which to return his safely to the evacuation site.
Deep Woods
Nowhere to run, Nowhere to hide! In the Deep Woods you must perfect your stealth and evasion skills.
Shooter's Alley
From our youngest to our veteran players, the variety of targets will challenge even the best sharpshooter.